Invercargill Primary School

Invercargill Primary School Competition


Starting the game...

Ø The game starts with a push back or forward by one of the teams. Both teams must start in their own half.

Ø A siren will sound for both the start and finish of each half

PLEASE NOTE: Both teams start inside their own half’s at the start of each HALF and after a goal has been scored.

Free hit to the opposition if... (All opposition players to be 5 meters away)


Ø Intentional use of feet

Ø Use of the hands

Ø Dangerous play (Stick above shoulder/in the air if player in a group of other players)



When there is the free hit this is the opportunity for you to spread your players out. If we were to blow every foot they would not be able to play, so umpires will only blow major feet or if there is a congested group of players.



Ø A goal can only be scored if the shot has come from inside the RED or YELLOW coned area marked on the field


Ø NO penalty corners


Ø Long corners are to be taken on the side line 5 meters out from the base



If you have a goal keeper as a 7th player they have to be fully kitted including helmet!!!

If you do not have a goal keeper you are only allowed 6 players on the field.